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Blink's Wives!

Sorry ladies (and I guess some men, LoL), but this page is all about Mark, Tom, and Travis' wives!

A Pic of Tom and Jen at their Wedding!

Tom DeLonge married (May 26, 2001) long-time girlfriend Jen Jenkins, a interior decorator at Coronado Island in San Diego Bay. Mark even got Tom to get up enough courage to talk to Jen in the first place! At Tom's wedding, he wasn't very emotional until he found out that Jen had booked his favorite band (Jimmy Eat World) to play a few songs at the reception. Tom cried so hard and he says it was the gnarliest thing that has ever happened to him! He gave his groomsmen (one of which was Mark) silver yo-yos!

A Good pic of Tom and Jen from the Urethra Chronicles

A cute pic of Tom and Jen

A pic of just Jen

Mark and Skye! Attractive Mark! LoL!

Mark Hoppus got married (November 26, 2000) to his girl friend, Skye Everly! Skye works at MTV on shows like "FANatic" and "Making the Video!" Mark met Skye while making the "All The Small Things" Making the Video! Mark often writes little notes to Skye in tape on the speakers before Blink 182's shows and is known to be on the phone with her during some shows!

Skye from "The Urethra Chronicles" Video!