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Here's my shoutouts. Lol. If I forgot you, tell me.

Jen- You're my best friend and everyone knows it! lol! We're
~~~always together! hehe! We have so many inside jokes! Mad
~~~Dassy! That's still hilarious! Mark and his pink bass?!?
~~~Lol! Tom's grease is perfect! hehe! AUNT HELEN!!! lol!
~~~Gregory?!? hehe! Otis Reynolds Spunkmeyer and Billiards
~~~L. Johanson....I'm gonna move on now...cause this could
~~~take forever! hehe!
Jamie- I love you Z-Bo! I'M UPSTAIRS!! You're the coolest
~~~little sister anyone could ask for! hehe! LOVE YOU!!
Kelly- I LOVE YOU GODDESS!! hehe!
Jason- Hey! You're my best guy friend! My birthday party!
~~~Remember our 2-hour long convo on the word "quite?" lol
~~~Any luck w/ that Indian porn?! lol! I LOVE YOU! in
~~~Cartman voice
Britnie- Hey! You've always been there for me..and we'll
~~~always be friends...I mean...we went through Girl Scouts
~~~together!!! LOL!!!
Kristen- You are so easy to talk to and you're one of my
~~~best friends! Thanks for listening to me whine! lol!
Dana- You are such a sweety! Thanks for being there for me
~~~during ya know! Always remember PAT! Love ya!
Katie- No, I won't break your arm! lol! Yes, I know guys
~~~suck sometimes, but you just need to hang in there and
~~~wait for the perfect one! love ya!
Brooke- Hey! You are soo sweet to me! lol! Josh Hartnett
~~~forever! Well, at least in Pearl Harbor! lol!
Carrye- Hey! You're so sweet and hilarious! Thanks for
~~~always being there for me!
Brittany- Hey! Good luck w/ Brian T. hehe! I fixed it! lol
Alex- Hey! Going to KI w/ you is always....interesting! lol
~~~I mean you found us on the telescope on the Eiffel Tower!
~~~Love ya!
Shane- Welp, I've helped you w/ a lot! I miss ya! You never
~~~called me! lol! Love ya!!
Sivak- Hey, Mr. President. Well, we were supposed to run the
~~~school together but things didn't quite work out...oh
~~~well! lol! Love ya!
JJ- Always remember to watch Nick Jr. in the morning while
~~~eating a bowl of Lucky Charms. lol!
Maggs- Hey! Yes, Tom's the one w/ the lip ring! Country gal!
~~~lol! Love talking to ya!
Babs- Hey! You're hilarious! Tom is the one w/ the lip ring!
Jake- FELLOW BLINK FANS UNITE!! we are the biggest fans! I
~~~would say Travis is the "punkest." lol! Love ya!
Adam- Blink 182!!! lol! You gave me like 50 of those Ticket
~~~to heaven things! lol!
Nich- Effect 62!! Blink 182!! TOM IS BETTER YOU IMMATURE
Brittany- Hey! You and Eric are soo cute! You've always been
~~~a good friend and always will be! Love ya!
Matt- Hey! You're an awesome friend! PAT was always fun w/
Carrie- Hey! You're awesome! Always remember PAT...although
~~~we never had it together! lol!
Kayla- Hey! It's always fun talking to 3 in the
~~~morning! lol!
Stacy- You always seem to be hyper! lol!
Jana- Hey! Love talking to ya!
Amy- Remember (twitch twitch) Girl Scouts?!? lol!
George- Welcome! lol!
Apryl- Hey! We hate Cruz! lol!
Nick- poop! haha! Good luck w/ your band...although I should
~~~be the!
Katie- You and Tyler are soo cute!
Hannah- Hey! Love talking to you!
Tara- We've known each other since...well....forever! lol!
Katie- Hey! The hot new kid! lol!
Mary- TOM FOREVER! lol!
Josh- Yes, in-schools suck!
Nikki- The Mexicans in Colony Square! AHHH!!! lol!
Jordan and Tyler- BLINK 182, NEW FOUND GLORY, and EFFECT 62!
Tyler- Hey! Science projects suck! lol!
Austin- Hey! The hot shampoo (I still remem-
~~~ber)...Face on Nick Jr. These things will haunt me
~~~forever! lol! Why did they take away Wild and Crazy
Kids?!? lol!