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Life According To Bibble182

If I forgot ya....tell me! :)

Jen~ You've been my best friend for 4 years and I'm not stopping now! I love you soooo much and I owe you my life! We have soooo many inside jokes and I'm just gonna make a page of them someday so everybody doesn't have to read them! :) Love ya!!! Count on me through thick and thin, A friendship that will never end. When you are weak, I will be strong, helping you to carry on. Call on me, I will be there, don't be afraid. Please believe me when I say...count on.....you can count on me! :)
Jamo~ You are my YOUNGER sister and you have more friends in my grade than I do! Love ya girl! And again and again and again...the voices are not satisfied! :)
Jason~ You've been with me for 3 years now....scary huh? :) Well...I love ya and I'll always be there for ya! :)
Britnie~ Hey girl! Since kindergarten....wow! lol! Well girl...DC is gonna rock and always remember I'm here for ya! I am your shooting star remember? :) Love ya!
Brandon~ Hey! YOU'RE IN THIS ONE! :) I LOVE YOU!!! :)
Danielle~ I AM SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!! Don't ya just love volleyball? lol! Love ya girly!
Kristen~ Our beloved 8th period. lol Well, your guy interests are fickle but I LOVE YA!! lol :)
Kaytee~ Hey! You lived!!! :) I knew ya would! Love ya!
Dana~ Hey! You and J.J. are sooo cute..again! Always remember me and McCool! Love ya!
Carrye~ Hey girl! Liking your Blink?! :)
Maggs~ Hey girl! *You and Travis* :) Love ya!
Jacks~ Hey! Enjoying those Lakota parties? Love ya!
Court~ You and your fave **swimming** lol! Love ya!
Babs~ HEATH LEDGER!!! :) Love ya!
Nessa~ Watching It? Huh? lol! Love ya!
Betsy~ Love baby-sitting! :)
Krystle~ Loved your play! LoL! The guys too! :)
Brittany~ So sorry bout Eric! I'll be here for ya! Love ya!
Brittany D~ I'm gonna miss you so much next year! Love ya!
Shane~ THROW YOURSELF IN THE FIRE YOUNG MAN!! :) I will not tell my sis! Love ya! :)
Apryl~ Hey! You're so cool! Love ya!
Kayla~ Hey girly! You are always so hyper!
Stacy~ Same with you! :) lol! Love ya!
Katie~ Hey girl! Don't you love the Spanish alphabet?! LoL!
Erin~ 16 now!! Wow! Love ya girl!
Jessie~ Hey girly! Love chatting with ya!
Beth~ S.S. is interesting! lol! Love ya Big Beth Dawg!
Alisha~ Wuv? Oh...lol! :)
Katie S.~ Hey! Love ya!
Amy~ My Dad's magic tricks! :) Love ya! GIRL SCOUTS! AHHH!
Emily~ You know who shouldn't be in choir! :)
Jana~ Our fave project! lol! Hot dog fights? Love ya!
Anna~ Volleyball adventures in gym! :)
Tara~ Best of friends in pre-school! lol Love ya!
Carrie~ 2 girls and a dog named Rover! I'm on fire! :)
Katie C.~ Hey president! :) Sorry bout "that fag" lol
Tiff~ Peer mediation camp tales and Seth & Corey victory dance!
Steph~ Good luck with *****....or *****! LoL! I feel lucky!
Jake~ BLINK 182! NEW FOUND GLORY! Life! I got my drums! :)
Adam~ Girls and Horses! :) That's great! Love ya!
Fray~ Button Up Jimmy! That's great!
J.J.~ Hey! You and Dana!!! :) I GOT DRUMS!!! :)
Matt~ I'm gonna dye my hair red and date older people!
Alex~ ALLX! You'll learn to spell soon! Love ya! KI!!
Tyler/Jordan~ Awesome band!!! When will I get my tape?! lol
Austin~ You and Timberlake...or Ashley! lol happy b-day 2 us
Byron~ BLINK 182! making me warn you? lol
Sivak~ You are poor. REFILL! On the cheek! A tear! lol
Tim~ HAHAHA **point at mouth with serious face** I got 6 F's
Charlie~ Run, Run away! lol! Hickish reunions!
Josh & Garrett~ 8th period....:)
Nick~ She's gonna break in half! Your stalker!
Kalan~ I miss ya!
Shane G.~ Love ya! Move here! :)
Amy C~ Hey cutie! I love ya sooo much! Fast as miniature horses! Bibble32....yep...that's me! :)
Monica~ Hey babe! You and Kyle......so cute!
Sarah~ Haven't seen you in forever! I miss and love ya!
Shaun~ Little square dude! SpongeBob!

And a special shoutout to my Mom! lol!